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molestiaplz has started a donation pool!
195 / 9,001
Hello, my loyal subjects! I've seen how much you love these point things, so I wish to get in on this action!

Remember, for every point you give, a filly is let out of my dungeon.


Please, think of the fillies.

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molestiaplz's Profile Picture
Molly S. Tia
All those lovely, nubile people HERETICS
Waifu(s): :icongarysmodx:, :iconjeanettevoermanplz:
Partners in crime/Eldritch Demoman: :iconaraelplz:, :iconzeruelplz:
The on-and-off rival: :icondarkdijinartie89:
Good twin: :iconask-molestia:
Less-evil twin: :icontrollestia:
My Widdle Baby Sister Woona: :iconswaggamerluna:
Faithful Servant/Throw rug: :iconshadethelucario:
Hoof slave: :iconoarkley:
Meat shield: :iconcrusadersweetiebelle:
Selfish grumpypants who doesn't share her candy: :iconsavory-sweets:
Creepy monkey-lover: :iconlavishing-lyre:
Equestria's #1 Most Wanted :icongamma102:
(If found, bring him to my bedchambers immediately, preferably sedated and with all pies confiscated)

Reward: 400,000,000,000,000 bits, half the castle, access to everymare in the kingdom

Equestria's OTHER #1 Most Wanted generally cool guy who ISN'T secretly controlling your beloved queen. :icontahublade7:
(Wanted for high-treason, mind control of Her Highness, and failure to meet rape-quota while controlling your queen the giving of money and high-fives to him in ridiculous amounts.

Reward: 200,000,000 bits, front row seats to his public neutering coronation.

Equestria's OTHER OTHER #1 Most Wanted DO NOT APPROACH - SUBJECT IS FAR TOO DANGEROUS: :icondinkyhooves-fim:
Wanted for breaking and entering, rampant cruelty and abuse to Her Majesty, wantonly devouring Her Majesty's cake, staging a coup, and probably a lot of other bad things.

Also, she cheated at playing dress-up with me. That's unforgivable.

Reward: 900,000,000 Bits, unlimited access to the Royal Cake Depot, The thought that you have rid Equestria of a great and terrible evil. No reward is worth going after this thing. Just run. Run and never look back.
Next Victim: :iconyourfacehereplz:
Hello my lovlies.

It's been a wonderful two years, hasn't it? We've had so much fun together.

But you know what? It's time for the truth. I can't stand lying to you anymore.

I need to show you who... what I really am. It's not easy to admit this. It's one of the hardest things I've ever done.

But, here it is, out in the open at last...

You see...

This is who I really am.…

Amazing what a little makeup can do, right?

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im so fucking glad this account is dead
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Dear Molestia,

So, I got this question. Apparently this faggot broke into my house the other day and took over $900 worth of shit from my place, I was wondering if I could store 30 cases of pickles in your house, because, I DON'T GIVE A SHIT.

Sincerely, Dr. Fuckface.
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that fucking webcam
foxy approves
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